About Us

About Us

Devi Technologies is one of the most reputable and longest standing IT services providers in Eastern Europe. Devi Technologies founded in 2013, is based at Birmingham, England. The company’s virtues include experienced professionals, ISO 9001 certified processes and over 4 years of exemplary market experience.

The company has attained a number of Microsoft capabilities among which are Silver Application Integration, Silver Mobility and Silver Web Development competences, to name a few.

Devi Technologies offerings embrace the following services:

  • 1. Software Development
  • 2. Website Development
  • 3. Mobile applications Development
  • 4. QA and Testing
  • 5. Database Development
  • 6. SEO
  • 8. Games Development
  • 9. Networking
  • 10. Hardware Services

Our global client base surpasses many companies, from medium businesses to Fortune 5 multinationals The Company boasts sturdy knowledge of vertical domains including banking and finance, healthcare, telecommunication, engineering, entertainment, retail, security, construction and transportation.